History of Gurdwara Baba Sang

Baba Sang’s Child – Food For a Wolf
One early morning Baba Ji was meditating in the jungle and his five-year-old son named Gurbaksh was playing nearby. A wolf came from the jungle and caught the child. The child cried and when Baba Ji opened his eyes, the wolf was eating Gurbaksh. Baba Ji recited Sukhmani Sahib and accepted it as God’s will. When Gurbaksh’s mother came there at daybreak, she also accepted it as God’s will and prayed to Him. They gathered the bones of the child, prayed to God and said whoever would go there with good faith, their wishes shall be fulfilled.

Whichever Sikh will read and hear this story, will get his/her prayers answered.

Management requests all the Sangat to visit the Gurdwara and donate generously and make their life successful.

From all the Sangat, Baba Sang Dhesian Tehsil Phillaur, Distt. Jalandhar.