History of Gurdwara Baba Sang

Digging a Well in Sang Dhesian
One day Bibi Ji went to neighbouring village Dhanda to get a pitcher full of water. There a woman said in a harsh tone, “Look at the daughter of a big man. If you are so proud why don’t you get a well in your house?”. Bibi Ji bought the empty pitcher home and told Baba Sang about the incident. Baba Ji gathered residents of the village and all of them decided to have a well dug in their village. They said their prayer, dug 11 feet deep and found water. Bibi Ji filled the first pitcher from the well. Later, it was strengthened with bricks and cement. That well is still there and the water is really good. Baba Ji said, “those who get up early, bathe with that well’s water and recite Gurbani will be healthy”. Baba Sang told the people that all those were blessing of God. “He can turn beggar to king; low to high; and small to big. We cannot describe God’s greatness.”