History of Gurdwara Baba Sang

Ek Onkar Sat Gur Parsad
There is only one God

Historical Gurdwara Baba Sang Ji
Tehsil Phillaur, Distt. Jalandhar

With Love
From Congregation – Baba Sang – Dhesian

The elegant building of Gurdwara Baba Sang can be seen as you enter Sang Dhesian from the city of Goryaya through Jandiala Road. It is 125 feet high and 90 feet long. Approximately 25 ounces of gold has been donated by the devotees to cover the two miles of what?. Devotees from around the area made contributions for building the gurdwara. In a gallery around the Hall, there is a beautiful museum displaying excellent pieces of woodwork art on sandalwood.

Alongside the gurdwara there is an impressive pool, which is 329 feet long and 176 feet wide, filled with water from a tube-well. There is a beautiful inn for the convenience of the travellers. It has been constructed with generous contributions from the residents Sang Dhesian and community members residing in foreign countries.

There is 90 feet x 50 feet dining hall next to the Gurdwara where as thousands of people can eat together. The donations for the construction of dining hall were made by Sat Guru’s Sikhs. In front of the hall there is open space 100 feet x 70 feet.

In addition to the Gurdwara, to promote education among the area population, in 1970 the intellectuals of the area established a girls’ college. In 1980 they started teaching Punjabi M.A. and Political Science M.A.. Since 1986-87 Home Science and Computer Science is also being taught. In 1989 they started teaching science to 11th and 12th grade students. In 1991 qualifications in sewing and translating from Punjabi to English were awarded. The girls are given concession in tuition fees and are given reading materials throughout the 11th year.

Sant Bhupinder Singer was a resident of Sang Dhesian. The sidewalk was built in memory of Baba Gurleaksh Singh Ji (Son of Baba Sang). Sant Bhupinder also donated funds for Nisham Sahile and 6 ounces of gold for the tower.

The main entrance of the gurdwara was constructed with the funds from Gurdwara Parliandhak committee under the supervision and efforts of Sant Bhupinder Singh. Sikh congregations in and outside of India are requested to give their support for the holy work and make their lives more successful. Baba Sang Ji was a great Saint and we are trying to write brief description of his life so our future generations might know about his life