History of Gurdwara Baba Sang

Baba Sang Ji – Brief Life Story
Bhai Jodha Dhesi, Bhai Govind, Bhai Mihna, Bhai Manjh, Bhai Jaja, Bhai Nano, Bhai Ohri, Bhai Kala, Bhai Mehra, Bhai Nihal, Bhai Kalao, Bhai Ramdas and Bhai Sulchaga.

Brief Life History of Bhai Jodha Resident of Village Dhesian is:
Sang Dhesian was a well-known village in the times of the Gurus. The residents were very fond of Gurbani. There lived a villager by the name of Daata. He used to work in a farm and raise his family. He was a decent person and served the community. He had a son named Jodha. That child was raised with good care and a lot of love. At the age of fifteen he was a handsome, shy and healthy young man. He was soft spoken and served all the visitors. He respected his parents and helped them around the house. All the residents of the village liked him. One evening some Sikh pilgrims came to the village. They were on their way to Chak Ramdass – which is now Amritsar. They asked a passing by farmer, where they could spend the night. The farmer told them about Daata and informed them that he could make arrangements for their stay overnight. The pilgrims asked about the house of Daata. In the meanwhile, Jodha came there and respectfully bought the Sikh pilgrims to his home. He seated the guests on the manjai (beds) in his yard. The pilgrims were very impressed with his courtesy. Jodha’s mother came home after milking the cows and asked him who those people were. Jodha told his mother about these people and the pilgrims told Jodha’s mother that the fifth Guru, Guru Arjun, was constructing a holy pond in Amritsar and they were going there to help him with their services. Jodha’s mother asked him to help the pilgrims wash their hands and feet with warm water while she cooked food for them. Daata prepared and cleaned the space for them to eat while the sangat recited Rehras. Everybody ate langar and then recited Kirtan Sohilla before going to sleep.

On awaking the next morning, everyone recited Jap Ji and Sukhmani and said their prayers. Baba Jodha and his parents were contented listening to Gurbani. Jodha requested the pilgrims to stay for one more day. The Sikh pilgrims told Jodha that their services were needed to help Guru Ji in constructing the pool – it was their good fortune that they could get a chance to go there and serve him. Jodha was very much moved to learn this and asked his parents’ permission if he could go there, promising that he would return soon. The father gladly gave his son permission to accompany the pilgrims and for Bhai Jodha to service the Guru.

Bhai Jodha left with the Sikh Sangat to see the Guru. They crossed the Basin of River Beas and arrived at Ramdaspur. When they arrived Guru Daihar they were at the end of Asa Di War. Along with the Sikh Sangat, Jodha bowed to the Guru and joined in the prayer. After distributing Parsad, the Guru ordered Bhai Gurdas to start the work of the holy pool. The congregation that was already there may start working and the new arrived should first see the Guru. In the meantime Bhai Bhudha Ji presented the newly arrived group to the Guru. Everybody bowed to the Guru and the Guru Ji asked where everybody had come from. They told Guru Ji that they had come from the village Pakhe from Malwa and that they were known as Parana and Govinda and Gola, Mohan and that Bhai Jodha had joined them. They told Guru Ji that they spent the night in Dhesian at Jodha’s house and that Jodha’s parents had served them very well. Guru Ji was very pleased to know about Jodha and said he was named Jodha by his parents and now he would be called Sang because he had given to sangat. As the time passed Jodha became known as Sang and, in his village is, known as Baba Sang Dhesian.

Then Bhai Gurdas told all the Sangat from Malwa to give their names at a grocery store and arranged for their food and bedding. They may eat at the store or cook their own langar.

Bhai Jodha started working in the construction. He would work and recite devotional songs all day. Of all the time he was in Amritsar, Jodha got groceries from the store on only one day. He would get up early in the morning, take a bath, recite Asa Di War and Nitnem and start working. At night he would attend Diwan before resting for the night. When somebody has to get lucky, God helps him. One day Baba Sang was sitting in the congregation, Guru Ji asked him if he could recite gurbani, Bhai Sang told Guru Ji that he remembered Jap Ji Sahib, Shabad Hazare, Kirtan Sohila and Sodar. By God’s grace Bhai Sang memorized Sukhmani very fast. All the Sangat was extremely pleased when construction was completed. The Fifth Guru addressed the Sangat in the Diwan.

One day Guru Ji had a big Diwan and asked all the Sangat to go there. He told all the Sangat to get their blessings from Guru’s place and start their routine work at their places of residence. He ordered the Sangat to be polite and friendly to everyone and recite Gurbani. All the Sangat bowed their heads, asked Guru’s blessings and started getting ready to go to their respective homes. When Baba sang appeared before Guru Ji, Guru Ji asked him to settle the accounts with the grocer. The grocer told Guru Ji that Baba Sang had gotten his grocery from him on only one occasion. Guru Ji asked the grocer to recheck his account and it was confirmed that Baba Sang got food from the grocer for only one day while others had big accounts. Guru Ji knew but asked Baba Sang how did he survive without food. Guru Ji told Baba Sang that he (Baba Sang) had been relieved from pain of birth and death and he had been blessed with cosmic powers. Baba Sang wore the saropa given by Guru Ji. Guru Ji asked him to go home and take care of his parents. Guru Ji told him to earn his living by honest work and to recite gurbani.