History of Gurdwara Baba Sang

Marriage of Bhai Sang’s Daughter and Her Determination
Once Bhai Sang and his wife went to the village of Puadhra. They saw some kids playing there. Bhai Sang’s wife pointed at one boy and said that, that boy was very handsome. Bhai Sang asked the boy the name of his parents. The parents met and an engagement was arranged with permission from the Sangat. After a few months they were married. When the bride arrived at her in-law’s house in Puadhra everybody congratulated the family. The next day the family took the couple to pay respect to the grave of a Pir. The boy’s mother asked the bride to bow to the Pir’s grave. Baba Sang’s daughter refused and said that she was the Sikh of Guru Arjan and will not bow to the grave of a Pir. “I bow only in front of my Guru,” she said. Everybody tried to make her obey but none were successful. She stayed there for three days without eating anything before coming back to her father’s house. She told her parents that her in-laws were Sultanis and wanted her to pay respect to a Pir’s grave. The parents were greatly disappointed to hear her story. They decided to tell the whole story to Guru Ji and ask for his forgiveness.

Baba Sang went to Amritsar. He touched Guru’s feet and sat there. Guru Ji asked him his well being. Baba Sang told Guru Ji that his daughter’s in-laws were Sultanis and that they had a big problem. Guru Ji told Baba Sang not to worry and predicted that those people would become Sikhs after a while. Guru Ji said that Baba Sang’s relatives were Dosanjh Masanos, but they would all become Sikhs, and they will have a big family. Guru Ji told them to believe in Guru Nanak. The people of Jagatpur and Mukandpur will all become Sikhs and read gurbani. Guru Ji ordered Baba Sang to preach Sikhism in Manjki.

After getting blessings from Guru Ji Baba Sang came back to his village, told his daughter to believe in guru and recite gurbani. Within a few years all the Sultanis became Guru’s Sikhs.