History of Gurdwara Baba Sang

Coming Back to Village Dhesian
Baba Sang came back to his village Dhesian, touched his father’s feet and got busy helping his father with agriculture. After about six months he again wanted to see his Guru and went to Amritsar with his parents’ permission. He recited gurbani all the time.

Getting Married With Guru’s Permission
One day Guru Ji heard Baba Sang reciting Sukhmani Sahib. He asked Baba Sang to come and see him after finishing Sukhmani. Guru Ji informed Baba Sang that his marriage was being arranged. The Guru Ji asked the Sangat if anybody wanted his or her daughter to be married to Baba Sang. One person stood up bowed to the Guru and told him that he belonged to the village Kular in Doaba and his name was Sadhu. He told Guru Ji that he was his Sikh and he has a sixteen-year-old daughter. Guru Ji told him (Sadhu) to marry his daughter to Baba Sang. Guru Ji asked Bhai Gurdas to perform the marriage according to Gur Maryada. Baba Sang’s parents were invited and the marriage was arranged. Asa Di War was recited in the morning. Guru Arjan was also sitting there. Baba Budha Ji performed the Ardas and Bhai Gurdas read Raga Subi. The groom walked in front and the bride behind him for four cycles. Thus the ceremony was completed and parshad was distributed after the prayer.

Guru Arjan gave his blessings to the couple and gave them permission to go back to their village Sang Dhesian. Back in the village, Baba Sang started doing agricultural work. Many years passed by happily and they had a daughter named Mukaudi. She was raised with great affection and love. When she was fifteen they started thinking of getting her married.