History of Gurdwara Baba Sang

Baba Ji’s Miracle to Make it Rain
Once there was a bad drought – it hadn’t rained for two years. People went to Amritsar and requested Guru Arjan to pray for rain. Guru Ji said, “making it rain is in the hands of Almighty God, who is all-powerful. Nobody can be more powerful than God”. People were very depressed and Guru Ji’s eyes filled with tears and he felt their pain. Guru Ji told the Sikhs to go to the village of Sang Dhesian in Doaba, see Baba Sang and told them that Baba Sang can make it rain. With Guru’s permission Sikhs left for Sang Dhesian and found Baba Sang ploughing his fields. Baba Sang welcomed all the Sikhs, asked the reason for them going there. Meanwhile, Baba Ji’s breakfast was brought to him. Baba Ji requested all the Sikhs to share with him. All of them were surprised how twenty people could eat food that was brought for one person. Baba Ji served two rotis with saag to each person and still there was some left over. Seeing this miracle Sikhs hopes were heightened and they believed that he could make it rain. Baba Ji asked where these Sikhs were going. The Sikhs told Baba Ji that Guru Arjan had sent them there to request Baba Ji to pray for rain. Baba Ji said Guru Ji was very gracious and powerful. They all prayed together begging for rain. Baba Ji told Sikhs to go back and cross the river bead as soon as possible and take care of their fields because heavy rains would be coming very soon. As the Sikhs crossed the River Beas heavy rains came and it rained all over the country because Akal Purkh always answers the prayers of the Sikhs.